Second chance for personalised connections with  investors globally is the groundbreaking platform that empowers startups to effortlessly connect with investors from VC's to angels, revolutionizing the way funding is secured so you can relax!

Free for all startups with optional paid extras.
Investors pay to run this service.

Integrating with and trusted by top incubators and investors worldwide

Magically reach hundreds of investors with quick pitch offers startups the opportunity to get their pitch in front of a large pool of VCs and angel investors. With our instant pitch feature, you can quickly connect with potential investors and increase your chances of securing funding.


Unlock your 2nd chance

Discover the benefits of using, the platform that provides startups with instant exposure to hundreds of VCs and angel investors. Get valuable feedback, personalized matching, and create a secure data room for due diligence.

Get Expert Feedback on Your Startup

Receive valuable feedback from experienced VCs and angel investors to refine your pitch and increase your chances of success.

Find Your Perfect Match Investors

Use our personalized matching algorithm which connects you with the right VCs who are interested in your industry and stage of growth.

Securely Share Your Data with Investors

Create a data room to share sensitive information with potential investors, ensuring confidentiality and convenience.

Built Busy for Investors

Access to Founders: Scored, Ranked, and Vetted for Your Investment Success

At, we understand the value of your time and money. That's why we provide VCs with access to a curated selection of pitches that have been thoroughly evaluated and ranked, ensuring you only see the most promising opportunities.

Say goodbye to sifting through countless pitches and hello to efficient and informed decision-making with automated deal flow and data rooms.

Sounds like bliss!

Join and connect with hundreds of VCs and angel investors instantly. Let us help you get the monkey off your back.


Find answers to common questions about how works.

How does work? is a platform that connects startups with VCs and angel investors. Startups can submit their pitch and get it in front of hundreds of potential investors. VCs can access scored, ranked, and vetted pitches to find investment opportunities.

Is there a cost for startups?

Startups can use for free, but there are paid upgrade options available for additional features and benefits.

How can VCs access pitches?

VCs can pay to access scored, ranked, and vetted pitches on This allows them to easily find and evaluate potential investment opportunities.

Can startups get feedback?

Yes, startups can receive feedback on their pitches from VCs and angel investors through the platform. This feedback can help them improve their pitch and increase their chances of securing funding. We also have our "2nd life" service to get tailored support with your pitches.

What is a data room?

A data room on is a secure space where startups can store and share documents and information with potential investors during the due diligence process. This allows investors to review important details about the startup before making a decision. Our data room is unique as this can live with your startup as it grows and be used for deals outside of 2nd.

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